Dimples Horse Treats

    Dimples- Horse Treats

    Dimples® Horse Treats with Pill Pocket make giving your horse a pill easy. Just place the medication in the dimple of the treat and squeeze gently to seal the pill inside. This irresistible treat takes the guesswork out of administering your horse’s medication. Used by trainers, veterinarians and horse owners across all disciplines, it’s made from simple ingredients including ground flaxseed, a natural supplement with anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, each Dimples treat contains a teaspoon of ground flaxseed. It also contains beet pulp, molasses and whole grains which combine to create a soft, pliable texture and an enticing aroma. Your horse will never know he’s getting medication instead of a flavorful reward. 3 pounds.

    Ingredient list: molasses, dry molasses, ground corn, oats, soy meal, ground flax, wheat flour, beet pulp, wheat bran.