Boot Crowns



    Boot Crowns are a quick and easy way for a rider to customize any tall English riding boot for a fraction of the cost or commitment of an expensive Custom Boot. They stay in place when riding, secured by suede and silicone, clip and closed with velcro.

    Boot Crowns also allows you to add height to any boots that have dropped.

    Add the fashionable Spanish top to an older pair


    How do Boot Crowns stay on?

    Just like a full seat, sticky breeches use suede and silicone to assist in a secure seat, Boot Crowns are lined with suede and silicone to keep them in place.  They also have an inside clip that attaches to the top of your boot to keep them flush to the boot.  They are then fastened securely around your leg with high-quality velcro.

    Do they move or shift while I'm riding?

    Boot Crowns have been tested by both Dressage Riders and Jumpers who have told us they have forgotten they were even on.

    Do they come in different sizes?

    Boot Crowns come in 2 different diameters so they fit nearly every rider.

    Can I compete in rated shows wearing Boot Crowns?

    In the USA, the short answer is YES!  The USEF has concluded they do not violate any current rules.  

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