Pinsnickety 12 Pack

    Why choose? You can buy all of our initial designs at once. Mix and match them. Share them with your friends. Be ready for all conditions. 

    Our Collect All 12! Pack includes pairs of the following designs: Flying Unicorn, Shooting Star, Brontosaurus, Flying Pig, Cupcake, Hot Sauce, Carrots, Rocket, Drama Llama, Dumpster Fire, Rocking Horse and Crown. 

    All of our Pinsnickety pins are custom designed and manufactured with equestrians in mind. Use them for your show number, to decorate your horse's bonnet, or in whatever way brings you joy and luck in the ring. 

    Our enamel pins are backed with locking clasps that are smooth against your horse's skin and won't fall off.

    Pin Packs always ship for free in the United States. And your Collect All 12! Pack also comes with a discount.