Fluff Monkey

    Fluff Monkey - Small

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    A Fluff Monkey is a colorful ball of fabric that can buff, dust, wash, entertain, relax, stylize, apply, identify, reward and represent! Handmade in the USA with colorful, durable, washable materials. 

    Best for horses that have a short coat. There are multiple ways a Fluff Monkey can be used. At the ringside or just before showing, dust the horses body, face and legs. Can go over the rider’s boots at the same time. For daily grooming, use the Fluff Monkey to promote the oils from his skin to coat the hair by rubbing the Fluff Monkey with a little bit of pressure and speed to produce friction. This massages his muscles as well. Best to go across the direction of hair growth, not with the growth. Add some oils to the Fluff Monkey to really help shine.